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New to Newgrounds

Posted by Cubesona - November 21st, 2018

So hey I'm Cubesona, and I'm a 2D digital artist who uses the binary pen in PaintTool SAI. I've got a bit of a following on tumblr, and smaller followings on deviantART and Twitter. Because tumblr has been gradually becoming more and more of a shitshow over the past couple years (and that's not even mentioning the community), I figure it might be a good idea to try to branch out and start posting on other websites. People say Newgrounds is really making an effort to be a platform that supports artists, so I figured "hey, why not".

I'm currently an artist for a cool game called Knight Club, and that game takes up a lot of my time now, but, I've got other things I wanna do in between whenever I can. So, I'll be posting that here whenver I get something done. In the mean-time, I'll try to find older pieces of art that don't look too bad to post.

Also, like most people, I've been fully aware of Newgrounds' presence ever since I was, like, 8; but ,this is my first time actually trying to be an active member here, so if anyone wants to give me ideas on what I can do or make, or how I can use the website to meet and interact with new people, that'd be cool. Newgrounds seems to have a lot more features than it did back in 2003, so I definitely feel like a newborn bird here, haha.


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Oh awesome, I always think Knight Club looks cool when I see pics of it on Twitter! A bonus too is that we like to support games that involve people from the community, so hopefully NG can help give Knight Club a boost down the road.

Newgrounds is a tangled web due to how it grew over the years... Having a BBS since the 90s, blogs since 2007 and the Art Portal added in 2009. The forums are more low traffic but can help get some regulars familiar with your work. Blog posts will show up in the feeds of people who follow you and both the blogs and forums will soon have a better rich text editor / both be easier to post on via mobile.

A lot of people still think the animation is SWF files so I'll note that it's mostly MP4 now and you can upload any animation, not just stuff made in Flash, if you ever want to try that. For animated gifs though the Art Portal is fine.

I've been following you on dA for the past few years, and now that you're here, boy am I glad to see you around the community, Ed.

Hey there Cubesona! Happy to have you here! I'm not sure what to suggest but: if you're wondering about anything in particular feel free to ask. I've learned the ways I think.

Welcome to newgrounds